Story of success

The main activity of the company is the supply of complex technological solutions for crop nutrition.


“TerraTarsa” is a leading supplier of  high-tech solutions for intensive cultivation of a wide range of crops. “TerraTarsa” holds key positions in providing special water-soluble fertilizers in the CIS markets. The company’s history began in 1998, when Andrei Gogolev, a soil scientist, PhD., associate professor, founded it under the “Terra LTD” brand to promote drip irrigation technology and plant mineral nutrition. “Terra LTD” was the world’s largest dealer of T-Systems, USA, with a large volume of sales, occupying 50-60% of the Ukrainian market. In 2016, for a significant contribution to the development and promotion of irrigation systems, the director of “Terra Tarsa”, Andrei Gogolev won the Crawford Reid Memorial Award, USA. With the development of the drip irrigation market, the company has become a powerful player in the Ukrainian market for the supply of potash and complex water-soluble fertilizers with trace elements. In the fall of 2011, thanks to a sustainable partnership with global players in the special fertilizer market – companies “SQM” (Chile) and “Doktor Tarsa” (Turkey), “Terra LTD” was reorganized into an international company – “TerraTarsa”. Today, “TerraTarsa” is the leader of the import of complex water-soluble fertilizers in the CIS markets. In addition,  “TerraTarsa” began its own modern, environmentally-friendly production of liquid fertilizers with trace elements in 2018. Fertilizers are manufactured in accordance with the exceptional quality standards of the SQM concern. To ensure high quality of products, a modern agrochemical laboratory “TerraLab” was created. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, which makes it unique not only in Ukraine, but also among the CIS countries. “TerraLab” is a member of the international quality control program for tests of Magruder (USA), which has been operating since 1922 and is one of the most respected in the world. “TerraTarsa” offers a wide range of special fertilizers, stimulants and anti-stress agents that satisfy the high demands of modern intensive agricultural production.

Our values!

Scientific approach

A scientific approach to agribusiness is what distinguishes TerraTarsa from other market players. This may be attributed to the profound scientific training and long-term experience of Andrii Gogolev, the leader of the company, and his colleagues who have scientific background. Currently, 16 agronomy graduates and 4 PhDs work for the company. This enables the company to look into the future with optimism, to develop and implement new technologies not only in Ukraine but also in other countries of the world.

Why do we?


The TerraTarsa company is known for its constant innovation. Since its foundation, it has not been sitting idle, constantly evolving and improving the services for its clients. Progressive and logically verified development of the company enabled it to engage in its own research. Therefore, all that we offer is practical implementation of what the scientific environment has to offer: research on plant nutrition deficiencies and optimal methods of their elimination.